Welcome to The Awesome Guide to Forging.

I am hoping that I can help you set up your maps for the Game-types in Halo Reach. If you need me to explain something more, just ask.  I am hoping that you learn from me, and I from you.

I am working on step by step guides that will help you set up you map, and understand how the game labels work.

To Navigate my Blog it is very simple.

  • As of June 27, 2012 i have made it simpler to navigate the blog.  just know the gametype you are looking for and hover over the correct link above for the first letter of the gametype.  Then from that list will be the gametype or Main heading for that gametype.  Race Main will have Race, Rally, and Rocket Race pages in it, while Race will have only Race pages in it.
    • This move was in preparation for Forge being in Halo 4.
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