This is a general Guide to setting up HaloBall and is by no means the only way to set up this game type.  To be honest I have seen at least 5 different versions of this game( 3 new; Pinball, Avalanche and Floormaster) that utilize different parts of this game in different ways, and some other prequels (Soccer/Rev-Ball and Skeeball) that probably inspired Bungie to make this game type.  I will try to convey to you on how to set up these very interesting maps.

Please Note

  • That I am not doing guides on level design, game play, or player movement.
  • This is just a general guide on setting up the game type HaloBall, what the labels do and how to to make them (the labels) work on your map.
  • In this guide I will assume that you know how to open the “Object Options” menu, where the “Advanced” menu is, and how to change settings in these to menus.

Time to Start

Seeing that HaloBall, and other game types, are not default to the Halo: Reach Game, we must add it (or them) to your Local files for you to make your own maps.  I would recommend the Default HaloBall Game type that says it is made by Bungie on it, this is because if it is HaloBall by someone else it may have been changed in ways that you do not want and it will hard to find all of the ways it has been changed, so go with the default Bungie one found below.

  1. Please download the HaloBall game type by one of the following:
    1. Click here and download the HaloBall game type to your Xbox.
    2. If you are in Halo Reach and connected to live, you can hit start go to File Browser > New Custom Search > File Share Search: Type “capawesome9870” (inside quotes not the quotes) to get my whole File Share at a click of a button.  Then download HaloBall.
  2. Now verify that you have it by opening the File Browser > Local Files > Game types > Multiplayer > Insane > HaloBall.  This HaloBall file should have “Created by Bungie” on it.

Get the Map Ready

By this point you should of made up your mind of what game you are going to make with this game type.  Will it be a more classic game like Soccer or hockey where there is 2, or more, goals while teams try to get the ball to their goal.  Or an every constant version of Pinball where a player or 2 competes for points by moving a balls.  The ever changing motions as players dodge waves of Golf balls.  Possibly a random game of player vs. gravity, where the floor could disappear.  The entertaining Skeeball map, where you launch a ball as fast as you can towards some cups and hope it lands in the middle to get the most points.

Basic Soccer, hockey, or Vehicle ball Map Layout

  • These maps are general flat and bland, just like a Grifball map.
    • On the other hand they are very fun to play if only close range weapons or invincible.
  • The Goal posts are normally dug in to the wall or surrounded on 5 sides to allow points from only 1 direction.
    • What I mean is how a soccer field has the goal attached to the main arena and not inside.
  • Vehicle ball you will need the vehicle set to be invincible so the vehicle doesn’t explode.
    • This is done in the game type options.
  • Example of this type of map:

Basic Pinball Map Setup

  • This is a large flat area at a diagonal of 45°
  • There will be some diagonal pieces on the sides to help the player guide a ball away from the edges (probably 1 in the middle of each of grid).
  • On these diagonal pieces they should have a landmine or 2 that will explode and launch around the field, while he is stuck somewhere he cannot move.
  • Usually made up of a grid because they are big, cheap, easy to place.
  • there will be small blocks under the grid (touching the bottom, but not poking through) so that when the ball goes over them they will get points
  • Example of this type of map:

Basic Golf ball Avalanche Map Setup

  • This is a very different kind of map, it will have lots of Golf balls and very small playable space.
  • The balls should have some method of gaining speed (falling or man cannon), then having some way of being direct at the players (either a the whole map being a ramp, or with a curved area that the ball will fall on and then be directed horizontal at the player).
  • The players should have 2 neutral zones: 1 where they will do something for scoring  and 1 where they are spawned.
  • The players will run past the falling Golf balls trying to get to the other side where they can score some points
  • The Teams will be in the same play space and should be able to deal no damage to each other: this is because the point of the game is to get to the other side, not kills.
  • Examples of this type of map:

Basic Floormaster Map setup

  • This is a flat map and is bland, that is until the floor starts to disappear
  • This is a 2 section level where there is 1 team on the top level and a 2nd team on the bottom level.
    • all players are on the top level on red team, except 1 player who is blue on the bottom
    • Red team tries to survive while blue takes the floor.
    • They will spawn on opposite corners
    • Red will have only 1 life
  • The floor on the top level is made of little 3*3 flat blocks
    • you can mix up the the size of the pieces if you want to make it interesting
  • The floor on the bottom level could be made up of the same stuff if you wanted it to but is normally a grid
  • There is also a kill boundary that kills the reds once they have fallen in between the layers
  • Example of this type of map

Basic Skeeball or Golf Map Setup

  • Either a golf course or flat area with a small ramp at the end
    • The golf course will have a hole to get the ball in, using the terrain to guide the ball away or to the goal.
      • These games usually are 1 player trying to get points to compare to someone else.
    • SkeeBall the player will launch the golf ball in to the air trying to make it in one of about 5-7 cups, five of which make a circle with the one in the middle being 5 points and expanding out to 1 while 2 are as small as the center circle but in the corners and worth a little more.
  • Example of this type of map:
    • Skeeball – *unknown* – Found Many places but with out an author, if you find one please comment with the author’s Gamertag

Placing the Labels

At this point in the Map progress you should have most of the map done.  In this section, the main reason you are reading this, i will discuss the where to place the labels and help you understand what they do a little better.  First I will direct you to go to this post on my blog, which describes the labels very thoroughly.  Below I will give you the General overview of the important Labels.

The Basic Labels for HaloBall

  • “BALL_SPAWN_LOC” – Spawns a Golf ball for the HaloBall Game
  • “HB_GOAL” – This will be the goal
  • “SKEE_BALL_OBJECT”  –  This item will be the “ball” for HaloBall game type
  • “GOAL_NOISE_MAKER” – Makes a ‘Insane’ shower of skulls when a goal is scored, this is for effect on the map.

Placing the labels on your Soccer map

  • First lets make the object to score points.  You will want to make a Hill marker place it in the center of your map (if you want it to spawn and fall to the ground, then place it in the air)
    • You want to give this the label “BALL_SPAWN_LOC”
    • if you create more then one of these, each one will get a ball
  • Next we will make the Goals.  You will want to make a Capture plate and place it in the cubby hole you made for each team.
    • You will want to give this the label “HB_GOAL,” the spawn sequence of 1 or more (but keep it consistent across the map)(This will tell the game how many points the goal is worth), and set the team (1 per team that is on the map), finally add an area to the goal so the ball can get in to the goal.
    • you may add harder to get bonus goals that are worth more points, just increase the Spawn Sequence Value on them.
  • This next part is optional, but a very good reward for just a few more minutes on your map.  it should be a hill marker or flag stand and placed around the goal where a points is scored.
    • You will want to give this the label “GOAL_NOISE_MAKER” and set Team and Spawn sequence to what you did on the “HB_GOAL.”  you will want one set of these per “HB_GOAL” also.

Placing the labels on your Pinball Map

  • First lets make the goal as it is the easiest and there is only 1.  For this game we will use a ball to be the goal, this is because we need the ball to go around and get points.  It will be a golf ball or soccer ball
    • We will give this the team of red, give it an area of about 2 for each of the dimensions (circle or box), and give it an spawn sawn sequence (this will be the points scored for each of the objects it comes close to).
  • Now for the objects to get points.  These will be whatever object you want them to be.  These should be place just below the surface of the grids you made.  You may place them in decorative designs making circles, plus signs or whatever you want.  you can also cluster them in harder to reach areas so the player will get more points for getting there.
    • We will give all of these the Label “SKEE_BALL_OBJECT.”
  • This next step is required to for the game to run.  Make a hill marker and place it out of the Pinball court.
    • This Hill marker will have the label “BALL_SPAWN_LOC.”

Placing the Labels on your Golf ball Avalanche map


  • First let’s Make it Rain.  For this we will need a bunch of Hill markers, flagstands, and capture plates: somewhere in the range of 75-90 if not more (do not make it to easy and not impossible either)(The game will start to slow down at 110+1).  All of these will have the same label, but be scattered toward the top of the map along the path the players will be running.  They should be multi level “W” patterns to so they all will not fall at the same time.
    • You will what to give ALL of these the Label “BALL_SPAWN_LOC”
  • Now time to reset the Balls.  If you would of read my small guide to safe and kill boundaries, you would know that there are 3 ways to reset an objective item.  1. Being leaving a Safe Boundary, 2. being entering a Kill Boundary, and 3. Being that it entering the Map’s Kill boundary (water or endless fall).  Well for this game we will use a Kill Boundary, this will be placed at the bottom of the map the length of the area where the balls will be.
  • Here is a diagram of a side shot of the chamber with the golf balls.  Not the parts where players start or finish.
    • BallSpawn KillBoundary


  • Then we move on to the actual point scoring object, which will be vehicles. The vehicle I would choose is a mongoose, they are small and cheap. These will be placed at the end of the map. Each team should get a colored cubby hole with 1 or 2 vehicles in it.
    • You will give this the Label “SKEE_BALL_OBJECT” and also give them a small respawn time of a few seconds.
    • Also you could set the team on the mongooses to allow for even more specification on what room that it is.
  • Next we will give the player the means to take this mongoose back to the goal via a teleporter, which will be a sender.
    • Now make sure that the Red room at the end teleports to the red room at the beginning, the same for blue.
    • then you want to disable Player travel and Enable Vehicle travel (causing the player to go through if he is in a mongoose, but not if he is not).
    • Now set the area to fill this specific room
  • Now to help the player identify which of the rooms is his.  We will create a small flag stand, and place it at the back of the room or just under the surface of the center of that room.
    • we will NOT give it an area, keeping the player from scoring their.
    • Set the team for the team that is in the room, this is so there will be a waypoint for that team.


  • Next we will create a way for the player to get to the goal, and this way is a receiver teleporter. this will be placed in the middle of each of the teams rooms
    • Please make sure that each team and each room gets the right teleporter channel. 
  • Next we will create a Capture Plate, This goal will be place where the receiver teleporter was placed
    • You will what to give each capture plate the Label “HB_GOAL,”
    • give them a team color for that room
    • and give in an area to fill the room they are in.
  • spawn Goals basic

Getting the player back and testing

  • Now test your map
    • Either have 4 players or do the map 4 times
  • Test to see if the avalanche is to hard or not hard enough
    • this is personal based upon you and how you feel the game should be played
  • Test to make sure that each team can score and gets to where they are suppose to.
    • if you have a team scoring with out them doing any thing, make sure that the item labeled “HB_GOAL” has no area.
    • Make sure that each of the teleporters goes to the right room and only that room.

1. This I have not tested, but I got from Darth Human in his video on Making infinite golf balls.

Placing the labels on your Floor Master map

  • We will start at the top of the map and work with all of those 3×3 blocks.
    • you want to give all of these the same label of “SKEE_BALL_OBJECT”
    • Also set the minimum count to 5 –7 less than the number of total blocks you have and a respawn time of 5 to 7 seconds.
      • these will force the blocks to respawn after that number of blocks is take or after that many seconds.
  • How we will make them vanish now, is on the bottom, make 2 or 3 armor abilities and place it on top of where The blue team will spawn.
    • You want to make sure that the players do not spawn with an armor ability because they will use it to score points.
    • These will have  the label “HB_GOAL”

Placing the labels on your Skeeball Map

  • We will start with giving the Goals their values and placing them.
    • On your skeeball map you want each ring to have a capture plate.
      • it should be placed a the bottom of each of the rings with an area to reach to the ring’s border above it and not being visible in the ring above it.
      • Also it should not be sticking out from the front of the ring, this means to make sure that you can not see it from the side.
      • Each capture plate needs a spawn sequence value (this will set points), the rings in that are harder to get in to (Center and Corners) should be worth more.
      • It will also need the team set to the team that is playing on that Skeeball court
      • and finally the label of “HB_GOAL”
      • Skeeball area
        • Sizes are not to proportion in the picture above
    • On your golf course map you will need to make either a capture plate or a Tin Cup.
      • It should have an area big enough to fit a golf ball in it
      • It will need the team set to it
      • It should also get a spawn sequence that will give you points
      • and the label of “HB_GOAL”
  • Now create time to create a ball
    • This will placed at the beginning of the map where the player spawns.  it should be either a Hill marker or a Capture plate
      • it will get the label of “BALL_SPAWN_LOC”

I hope you liked this guide.  If you need me to correct something just make a comment and I will do it as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading and like the facebook page to stay up to date on my blog.