Updated June 26, 2012

Here is a list of all labels able to be put in to an item while Forging in Halo Chess, Including Minimal Setting, Effects, and Recommended Items for Some


This is probably the easiest game to set up in proportion to how hard and long it plays.

Required Labels for Halo Chess

  1. “BOARD_CENTER” – This does everything; Literally
    1. Recommended Object:                 Hill Marker
      1. If not a hill marker, but a rock for example, it may cause the pieces to reset in to the rock and may glitch a lot
      2. May rotate by the Y Axis, if by X or Z axis may cause player to not be able to move.
        1. What I am saying is that it must be flat like water, not vertical
  2. Best practice for clearing out a box area of, Width = 9, Top = 7, and length = 14
    1. This is for spawning each player and the board pieces
  3. Symmetry MUST be set to “BOTH”
  4. What this label does for you:
    1. Automatically creates, an un-editable, Soft Safe Boundary around the item
    2. After each player’s turn or death they will automatically respawn at a predefined spawn location based off of where this hill is.  This is why to make sure that the player has room to spawn.
    3. Will automatically create the chessboard and place all the pieces on the board
  5. Create 1 of these, if more than one only one will spawn.

Do not uses these labels for anything
I would like to thank DavidJCobb for confirming what I thought.

  2. “Z_GRID_CELL”

Gametype Symmetry for Halo Chess

  1. Halo Chess                          Both, will not work if set asymmetric or symmetric

Notes for Halo Chess

  1. In order for you to have the new labels and features in Halo Chess you will need the Halo Chess gametype.  It is found in on my file share
    1. http://halo.xbox.com/en-us/haloreach/filebrowser/details/15992988
    2. Halo Chess was released in April and many thought it was an “April Fools” joke