Updated June 26, 2012

Here is a list of all labels able to be put in to an Item while Forging in Haloball, including minimal settings, effects, and Recommended items for some.


Required Labels for HaloBall

  1. “BALL_SPAWN_LOC” – This is the location where the Golf ball spawns
    1. Recommended Object:
      Hill Marker                          if you want it to roll or fall when spawned
      Capture Plate                    if you want it to not move until picked up

      1. Not weapon/vehicle or movable object
        1. Object will spawn a golf ball and not be the golf ball
        2. If the golf ball resets it will spawn where this labeled object is
  2. Create at least 1 for this gametype, even if you are not using it
  3. Will NOT spawn a golf ball if an object with “SKEE_BALL_OBJECT” is spawned
  4. “HB_GOAL” – This is the location where the golf balls or “SKEE_BALL_OBJECT”s are brought for points
    1. Recommended Object:                 Capture Plate with a shape
      1. Not a weapon/vehicle or movable object
        1. Objective can be carried/drove to/away to make the win easier or harder
        2. May cause an instant score if move this object to where “BALL_SPAWN_LOC” or SKEE_BALL_OBJECT” is or spawns
  5. One per team
    1. HaloBall (All):     Red, Blue, Green, and Orange
  6. Spawn Sequence determines the points that will be scored
    1. If a value of -100 to 0 the goal will still be worth 1 point
    2. If a value of 1 to 100 the goal will be worth that many points
  7. Supports (and is designed to have) multiple goals for a team all worth different points
  8. This label may default its self to “SKEE_BALL_OBJECT” if does not have team or shape

Other Labels for Halo Ball

  1. “STOCKPILE” – Set this label and “GAME-SPECIFIC” to “TRUE” will cause to only spawn in Stockpile, HaloBall, and Speedpile games
  2. “TEAM_ONLY” – Set this label and “GAME-SPECIFIC” to “TRUE” will cause to only spawn in Team Games
  3. “SKEE_BALL_OBJECT” – this item will act like the golf ball and can be scored for points.
    1. If a weapon/vehicle/armor ability you will get out/drop it and it will disappear
      1. It will leave the player with no weapon or armor ability
      2. This may be a way for people to make their Machinima videos and have a player with no weapons
  4. This item must spawn in to the game and must have a Spawn Time
  5. “GOAL_NOISE_MARKER” – Makes an ‘insane’ shower of skulls when a goal is scored
    1. An item with this label will make a small fountain of skulls shoot from it.
    2. Must have a team (See 4.4 below)
    3. Must have a Spawn Sequence (See 4.4 below)
    4. Must be paired with a “HB_GOAL” in order to work
      1. Example: if you want a show of skulls if a player scores 5 points, then set the team to that goal and this and that goal to 5.
      2. I would like to thank FyreWulff for bringing this to my attention on 3/31/11

Notes for HaloBall

  1. If a team does not have at least one player their required assets will not spawn
  2. HaloBall (All) supports Red, Blue, Green, and Orange
  3. In order for you to have the new labels and features in HaloBall you will need the HaloBall gametype.  It is found in my file share.
    1. http://halo.xbox.com/en-us/haloreach/filebrowser/details/15870330
    2. HaloBall was released on February 8, 2011
      1. DavidJCobb.  “Gametype fix/improvements thread.”  18 March 2011.  12 January 2012 <http://www.reachingperfection.com/p/forum.html#nabble-tb270092>.