Updated June 26, 2012

Here is a list of all labels able to be put in to an Item while Forging in Infection, including minimal settings, effects, and Recommended items for some.


Required Labels for Infection

  1. “INF_HAVEN” – This is a safe place for the non-zombies to be safe from zombies
    1. Recommended Object:                 Hill marker with a Shape
      1. Not a Weapon/Vehicle or movable object
        1. If player picks-up/drives the weapon/vehicle he will be in the hill and have the hill traits.
    1. Safe Havens and Safe area boundaries are different
    2. Setting this as a save area boundary may cause players to die as soon as they spawn or setting this as a soft area boundary will cause out of area timer as soon they spawn
      1. Unless the map is covered in a (weak or strong)
  3. Must have a shape to work
    1. The shape sets where the non-zombies must be to be in the Safe Haven
  4. Chosen randomly
  5. Create at least 2
    1. If only one it will create an announcer problem

Other Labels for Infection

  1. “INFECTION” – Set this label and “GAME-SPECIFIC” to “TRUE” will cause to only spawn in Infection Games
  2. “INF_SPAWN” – This is for spawning players in infection
    1. Must be an initial spawn, respawn point, or a respawn zone or it will have no effect
    2. Infection is a “Fake Team” game, see notes for teams

Gametype Symmetry for infection

  1. Infection (All):                   Asymmetric Gametype

Notes for Infection

  1. Infection player’s teams are chosen by random
  2. Non-zombies will spawn Red
  3. Zombies will spawn as Blue
  4. I consider Infection to be a “Fake Team” game, let me tell you why.  Players will spawn as a red or a blue, like assault another team game; the main difference is that the name of the game is to get everyone from red to be a blue, where assault is mainly about keeping the teams the same size.  For this reason Infection will not spawn “TEAM_ONLY” items.