Updated June 26, 2012

Here is a list of all labels able to be put in to an Item while Forging in Invasion, including minimal settings, effects, and Recommended items for some.


Required Labels for Invasion

  1. “INV_OBJECTIVE” – An area that is for capturing or to drop the bomb/core
    1. Recommended Object:                 Non movable object with a shape
      1. Territories:          Hill marker with a shape
      2. Capture Core/Bomb:      Capture Plate with a shape
      3. Not a weapon/vehicle or movable object
        1. If player picks up or drives a weapon/vehicle he will be in the hill and have hill traits including countdown time
        2. Objective can be carried/drove to/away to make the win easier or harder
  2. Must have a shape to work
    1. The shape set where the attacking team will capture or bring the core/bomb
  3. Set the phase by setting “SPAWN SEQUENCE” to 1 for Phase 1, 2 for P2, and 3 for P3
    1. If more than one per phase any will count for that teams
  4. If using Bomb or Territories place at the defenders base
  5. If using Core place at attackers base
  6. At least one in each of the 3 phases
    1. At least one is used in each phase, no matter the gametype settings
    2.  “INV_OBJ_FLAG” – The location where the Bomb/Core object will be spawned
      1. Recommended Object:
        Bomb = Capture plate
        Core = Flag stand

        1. Not a weapon/vehicle or movable object
          1. Object will spawn a bomb/core, not be the bomb/core
          2. If the bomb/core resets it will spawn where the tagged object is
  7. If using bomb place at attackers base
  8. If using core place at defenders base
  9. Set the spawn sequence field to the phase in which this objective will be used (1,2,3)
    1. Will only spawn 1 bomb/core
  10. In order to use this you must set CTF and Assault to the correct phase.
    1. Must be set in the Gametype options in “Custom Games” menu

Other Labels for Invasion

  1. “INVASION” – Set this label and “GAME-SPECIFIC” to “TRUE” will cause to only spawn in Invasion Games
    1. Primarily for building that you only want in Invasion, the structure of invasion better supports weapons and vehicles using “INV_WEAPON” or “INV_VEHICLE” found below
    2. “INV_RES_ZONE” – A Selective spawn location for players using Invasion
      1. Recommended Object:                                 Hill marker
        1. Not a Weapon/Vehicle or movable object
          1. Players will spawn where ever it is
  2. Team Specific
  3. Spawn Sequence determines which Phase the object is used (0=all,1=P1,2=P2,3=P3)
  4. These spawns can be used during the set phase by anyone on the associated team
    1. Available to all fireteams
  5. Not an influencer so it can be a hill marker
    1. Will not work if respawn points or respawn zones
    2. “INV_RES_P1” – A Selective spawn location for players during Phase 1
      1. Recommended Object:                 Hill marker
        1. Not a Weapon/Vehicle or movable object
          1. Players will spawn where ever it is
  6. Team Specific
  7. Fireteam specific – Change Spawn Sequence to the Fireteam value
    1. 0 = Fireteam 1, 1=F2,2=F3, 3+=All Fireteams
  8. Not an influencer so it can b a hill marker
    1. Will not work if respawn points
    2. “INV_RES_P2” – This has the same effect as “INV_RES_P1” but in Phase 2.  See it above
    3. “INV_RES_P3” – This has the same effect as “INV_RES_P1” but in Phase 3.  See it above
    4. “INV_GATE – A gated object will be deleted after the specified phase has been completed
      1. Change the Spawn Sequence to the last phase the object should spawn (1=1,2=2,3=3)
        1. Will instantly respawn a player if he is in a vehicle will, possibly outside of the area of your custom map in forge world.  (example:  map is on the island and may spawn in the canyon)
        2. If the player is holding a weapon or armor ability he will lose said item and may end up with now weapon depending how many he is holding
          1. This may be a way for people to make their Machinima videos and have a player with no weapons
  9. Item must have a respawn time
  10. You can only delete Safe and Kill Boundaries
  11. “INV_VEHICLE” – Items with this will spawn at the beginning of the specified phase
    1. Will have a waypoint when spawned
      1. This requires a team set to it to work; for the waypoint but not to spawn.
  12. Change the Spawn Sequence to the first phase the object should spawn (1=1,2=2,3=3)
  13. Must have a respawn time
  14. Primarily designed for vehicles but will work for any thing
  15. You cannot spawn a Safe or Kill Boundary
  16. “INV_WEAPON” – This has the same effect as “INV_VEHICLE”, but will not have a waypoint and doesn’t need a team
  17. “NONE” – Set this label and “GAME-SPECIFIC” to “TRUE” will cause to NOT spawn in Invasion, Invasion Slayer, Invasion Skirmish, Race, Rally, and Rocket Race Games
    I would like to thank DavidJCobb for bringing this to my attention

Do Not Use These Labels for Anything

  1. “INVASION_CINEMATICS” – Anything with this label will be deleted: – “all this data will be deleted on custom maps by default”1
  2. “INV_MANCANNON” – This label will not affect anything or even spawn
  3. “INV_PLATFORM” – Do not give this label to “anything as it is specific to the spire elevator lift that is activated in phase 3 on the Invasion: Spire”1

Gametype Symmetry for Invasion

  1. Invasion (All):                    Asymmetric Gametype

Notes for Invasion

  1. Spartans are Red and Elites are Blue
  2. Default Invasion
    1. Elites (Blue) Attacking                                    Spartans (Red) Defending
    2. Phase 1: Territories         P2: Territories                    P3: Capture the Core
    3. Invasion does not use normal spawning
      1. Invasion will not use Respawn points and Respawn zones
      2. It will use initial spawns and items labeled with one of the 4 spawn labels for invasion
      3. I consider Invasion to be a “Fake Team” game, let me tell you why.  Invasion has a different structure than most other gametypes, the main reason is 3 games smashed in to 1, it uses a completely different structure of spawning than other games, also will not spawn “TEAM_ONLY” items; which is despite only having teams.
      4. 1              Urk.  “Forge + Invasion.”  16 September 2010.  Bungie.  21 December 2010.  <http://www.bungie.net/News/content.aspx?type=topnews&cid28649>