Updated June 26, 2012

Here is a list of all labels able to be put in to an Item while Forging in Race, including minimal settings, effects, and Recommended items for some.


Required Labels for Race

  1. “RACE_FLAG” – This is the Race checkpoint for players to get to
    1. Recommended Object:                 Flag Stand with a shape
      1. Not a Weapon /Vehicle or movable object
        1. Objective can be carried/drove to/away to make the win easier or harder
        2. If a weapon/Vehicle and holding/driving it when that checkpoint is selected for the player it will automatically score a point
  2. Must have a shape to work
    1. The shape sets where the players must enter to activate the next checkpoint
  3. Use the spawn sequence to set what order the checkpoints will appear in
    1. Starts with 1
    2. Will go in sequential order – if you skip one (1,2,3,5) it will keep going
  4. Create more than 1 or the first person to enter the shape will automatically win

Other Labels for Race

  1. “RACE” – Set this label and “GAME-SPECIFIC” to “TRUE” will cause to only spawn in Race games
  2. “RACE_SPAWN” – This is for spawning players in Race, Rally, and Rocket Race
    1. Must be an initial spawn, respawn point, or a respawn zone or it will have no effect
    2. All players in Race and Rally are Neutral (See Rocket Race for its teams)
    3. “NONE” – Set this label and “GAME-SPECIFIC” to “TRUE” will cause to NOT spawn in Invasion, Invasion Slayer, Invasion Skirmish, Race, Rally, and Rocket Race Games
      I would like to thank DavidJCobb for bringing this to my attention

Gametype Symmetry for Race

  1. Race (All)                             Asymmetric Gametype

Notes for Race

  1. Race (All) all players are neutral
  2. Even though Race does not have the “FFA_ONLY” label it is still a Free-For-All game.  This is so Race can spawn in different locations from other games, like Slayer.