Updated June 26, 2012

Here is a list of all labels able to be put in to an Item while Forging in Speedpile, including minimal settings, effects, and Recommended items for some.


Required Labels for Speedpile

  1. “FLAG_SPAWN_LOC” – This spawns the Flaming Flags for Speedpile
    1. Recommended Object:                 Flag Stand
      1. Not a weapon/vehicle or movable object
        1. Object will spawn a flag, not be a the flag
        2. If the flag resets it will spawn where that labeled object is
  2. Spawn Sequence determines the point that will be scored
    1. Can be positive or negative; -100 to 100
    2. Will add or subtract the values wet in the sequence.  The waypoint on the flags will only display a value 1 to 9, but they will still be worth that many points
  3. Blockages
    1. If flag stand is covered by an object it can spawn next to the object.
    2. If not the first and something is in the path of the flag when spawning it will still spawn in the stand, and may result in the player not being able to pick up the flag
  4. Keep this object outside of the areas set to the “STP_GOAL” or it will not spawn
    I would like to thank DavidJCobb for reminding me about this
  5. When placing these keep them at least 1.0 “Forge Units” away from each other or they will not spawn until the surrounding flags are picked up, then will spawn immediately
    I would like to thank DavidJCobb for bringing this to my attention
  6. “SPEEDPILE_GOAL” – This is the goal where teams bring the flaming flags
    1. Recommended Object:                 Capture Plate with a Shape
      1. Not a weapon/vehicle or movable object
        1. Objective can be carried/drove to/away to make win easier or harder
  7. One per Team
    1. Speedpile (All): Red, Blue, Green, Orange
  8. Must have a shape to work
    1. The shape set where the team have to enter to score point when they have flags

Other Labels for Speedpile

  1. “STOCKPILE” – Set this label and “GAME-SPECIFIC” to “TRUE” will cause to only spawn in Stockpile, HaloBall, and Speedpile games
  2. “TEAM_ONLY” – Set this label and “GAME-SPECIFIC” to “TRUE” will cause to only spawn in Team Games

Gametype Symmetry for Speedpile

  1. Speedpile (All)                  Asymmetric Gametype

Notes for Speedpile

  1. If a team does not have at least one player their required assets will not spawn
  2. Stockpile (All) supports Red, Blue, Green, and Orange
  3. In order for you to have the new labels and features in Speedpile you will need the Speedpile gametype.  It is found in my file share.
    1. http://halo.xbox.com/en-us/haloreach/filebrowser/details/15870318
    2. Speedpile was released on March 29, 2011
      1. DavidJCobb.  “Gametype fix/improvements thread.”  18 March 2011.  12 January 2012 <http://www.reachingperfection.com/p/forum.html#nabble-tb270092>.