This is a basic guide on how to set up Race.

Setting up Race

Setting up the Map

  1. By this point you should have the Map set up with
    1. Most of the map’s lay out done
    2. Place that you want the race to start

Placing the Checkpoints

First we will start at the beginning of the map.

  1. Go to the start of the race map
    1. Use the checkpoint to guide the player around the map
    2. Be sure that the map will create a loop (or way to get to the first checkpoint) or set the game to have 1 lap in the gametype settings.
    3. Hit x to open the object Menu and spawn one of the following
      1. Flag stand (found in the Objectives Tab) – Recommended-
        1. i.      Not many are used so you can create a large map with many checkpoints
  2. Hill marker (found in the Objectives tab) – Will be able to point easier
  3. Anything else
  4. Place where you want the checkpoint to be
    1. Keep away from edges; the player may fall off.
  5. Rotate the Flag stand in the direction the player should be going
  6. Have your flag stand selected and hit x to open its properties menu
  7. Go down to SHAPE and give a desired shape
    1. Must have a shape for the player to get to the checkpoint
  8. Go up to the ADVANCED tab
  9. Set Spawn Sequence to 1
    1. Each one you create should increase by 1 from 1.
    2. This is for the order of the Race checkpoints
  10. Set Game Specific to TRUE
  11. Change the Gametype Label to “RACE_FLAG”
    1. Repeat steps 1 to 10 for each of the checkpoints you want
      1. Have at least two
      2. Or the first player to get there will win

Setting up Race Spawning

Setting up Race Spawning

This section is for setting up the Initial Spawns, Respawn points, and Respawn Influencers that will be affecting the game of Race and Rally.  Even though Race and Rally are Free for All gametypes, they do not spawn players as FFA Players; they are spawned as Racers (or something other than FFA Players).

Setting Initial Spawns

These steps will be the Initial Spawn locations for both Race and Rally.

Each of these initial Spawns should be next to each other with enough room to spawn a Warthog.

In Race and Rally you want them to start in the same general location

  1. Go to the start of your race map
  2. Create an Initial Spawn
    1. Must be Initial Spawn to work properly
    2. Have selected and hit x
    3. Go to the Advanced Tab
    4. Set Gametype Specific to “TRUE”
    5. Set Gametype Label to “RACE_SPAWN”
    6. Repeat steps 1 to 6 for your spawn locations
      1. Create 1 for each player that will possible play in one session

Eliminating the Need for Respawn Points in Race

In Race the player will always spawn at the last checkpoint he reached, that is after he has reached a checkpoint.  So we will set it up so that each player will get a checkpoint as soon as they spawn.

  1. Go up to “Placing the Checkpoints” and do steps 1 to 10, changing the following
  2. At step 6
    1. give it a shape large enough go encompass all of the Initial Respawn  points that are labeled as “RACE_SPAWN”
    2. I usually create it to be 100.9*100.9*100.9
  3. At Step 8
    1. Set Spawn sequence to 0 (that is the number zero)(making it the First point)(this is why we start at 1 above)

Finishing Up Race Setup

So far we have set up the Race Game and initial Spawn.  Now it is time to finish up the map.

These steps are usually reserved for Weapons, Vehicles, Armor Abilities, or Toys.

Not Recommended for Setting for Buildings and scenery, as they are usually not game specific will not spawn in some game types

Race Specific Items

In this step you add ANYTHING that you only want to be place in a Race game.  This is a very powerful label, because items with this label will only spawn in Race.

  1. Grab the object you wish to spawn in only in Race games
  2. Hit x and go to the advanced tab
  3. Set Gametype Specific to “TRUE”
  4. Set Game type Label to “RACE”
  5. Repeat for all of these items

Symmetry Specific Items

In this step you add ANYTHING that you only want to be place in a Symmetry Specific game.

  1. Decide if you want this item to be dependent on Race symmetric or asymmetric games (when running Race).
    1. If Not
      1. i.      Leave symmetry set to “BOTH”
      2. ii.      Or Set Symmetry to “ASYMMETRIC”
    2. If you want it to not spawn in Race (and has gametype specific to “FALSE”)
      1. i.      Set Symmetry to “SYMMETRIC”

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