I have made this page for you to post comments on, SPECIFICALLY for you to ask me what you would like to know how to set up.

Leaving a comment is very Easy:

Under Leave a reply you will see 4 Text boxes

Name:  (required) Type in a first name, Gamertag, Bungie.net User name, or a random sequence of letters (although I would recommend the first three).

Email: (required) Type in an actual Email Address or any thing random as long as it has an @(random).com (although if you choose the second I will not be able to tell you if i can help or did help.

Website: (not required) Type in where you came from.  Example: Google.com, Bing.com, Halo.xbox.com/forums/, or bungie.net

(the last box): (not Required But Recommended) Tell me what you want me tell you how to do.  Please explain what you are wanting very well.