Here is some links that I found good and interesting.

Level Design

A good place for Level design is Reaching Perfection and The Forge Lessons

Gametype Updates

  1. At this Gametype fix/improvements thread you can see what Gametypes have been Released and changed.

New Gametypes files

  1. At T.U.R.F.S. (The Unofficial Reach File Share).  This is a great resource for getting the latest Files from matchmaking, with out the need to play matchmaking
  2. at this Matchmaking repository  (that is in the works)
  3. my File share for key files that have changed or released after Reach shipped in my File Set.  

Forging Help

  1. Forging ReachForging Reachis dedicated to spawning and game mechanics behind the reach engine.

Fun/Comedy cites

Smile and Deal with It

My Face book page dedicated to this blog