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You may have heard, if not. . . . the web version of Halo: Reach File Share is back and available for uses on on waypoint.


The file share system works very similar to how it did on the Bungie file share, also has some upgraded features such as Twitter, Tacebook, and E-Mail to send links to friends who have the game.  also instead of having to go to a different page to click download to xbox it loads a window for you to click what you want and then you just close it, making it a little easier to download groups of files and not having tabs open for all of them.


Read it for your self in the bulletin.


We are now seeing the first look at the game types brought to us by the Title Update to Halo: Reach, that happened yesterday on September 21, 11.  Although there is only 1 file it is still a good chance to look at what is coming, and you can find it Here at the Waypoint File Share.  I hope you enjoy.

As of writing this there is only 1 file the Zero Bloom Slayer DMRs file.  The name says it all, it is Slayer, but with no Bloom on the weapons.  Simple enough, I hope.

This gametype doesn’t allow you to alter the percentage of bloom, it is set to 0% bloom (when you shoot your pistol, for example, the 4 ‘bloom’ lines will not expand out of the middle).  This unchangeable feature was brought up in one of the Halo Fest panels.  This feature is either on or off and is set in the gametype where it cannot be changed by us, the halo players, all we can do is save them and create custom games around them.
With this Gametype it will take 5 DMR shots or 4 pistol shots (the last one of each being a head shot) to kill some one.


Remember Reach.

So, if you played Reach last night or this morning, you were probably prompted to download the Title Update. I know you remembered what we talked about last week though, and thought to yourself, “I won’t see any perceptible changes in Halo: Reach Matchmaking immediately after the download.” Well, there is an exception: now you can play Co-Op Campaign and Firefight without requiring a HDD. After downloading the TU, this is possible in both your own lobby over LIVE or via system link, and on October 4th through Matchmaking. October 4th is also the same day that the beta matchmaking playlist goes live. To tide you over until then, a custom gametype will soon be available on the Halo Waypoint File Share. And by soon, I mean NAO.

Please enjoy the sample TU gametype, but be aware that it is not representative of the final Matchmaking implementation. You may find a few discrepancies in this one-off gametype, but hey, that’s why it’s a beta. We will be looking at data from custom games, Matchmaking and voting for the next few months, so pardon our dust.   . . . .


Date Released: September 22, 2011

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